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Name: Trevor Conway (
Phone: 0877520363
Rate: €20 per session

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Cost: 20 euro per 1,000 words (by email). My work involves fixing mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, grammar, etc., in addition to combating repetition and irrelevance. I also improve the presentation and the clarity of expression where necessary. (There’s nothing worse than a marker having to read something two or three times to understand the meaning fully.) Sometimes, the structure/flow needs to be re-organised. It’s also important to ensure that any casual language is addressed to make your work looks and sounds very professional.

Apart from the actual text, I prepare a document of general comments, which are useful both for the present paper and your future writing. I also offer some comments throughout the text (eg. if something written or implied sounds odd to me, or if I’ve had to make a slight assumption which requires your verification).
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