Postgraduate Officer

Cian Moran
Phone: 087 2922599


The Postgraduate Officer is responsible for:

  • Representing postgraduate students to the University and to the Executive Committee
  • Providing and confidential listening and referral service to postgraduate students
  • Informing postgraduate students of their entitlements and services available to them
  • Raise issues of postgraduate students to the relevant University personnel
  • Encourage participation in all Union events by postgraduate students
  • Developing Union policy for postgraduate issues
  • Ensuring the Executive Committee are fully informed of postgraduate issues

The Postgraduate Officer is elected at the part-time elections in March by post-graduate students
Past campaigns have included:
A campaign for clearer communication from the University to postgraduate students
Working to create consistent standards for postgraduate students in the University
Lobbying the University to reduce the number of hours of tutoring required by postgraduate students
Developing a postgraduate handbook

Hi folks, I'm Cian Moran, your Postgraduate Officer for 2015/2016 and a PhD candidate at the Irish Centre for Human Rights. I completed a law degree and diploma in Irish at NUIG and an LLM from the UK. During my time in NUIG I've been active with An Cumann Staire (History Society) and Labour Youth and have been active with the Reserve Defence Forces. My other interests are books, motorbikes, video games and current affairs.
It's my job to represent Postgraduates and help them with any issues so feel free to get in touch anytime and let me know how I can help.

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