Equality Officer: Catherine Ryan

Catherine Ryan
Equality Officer
Ph: 087 2644522


The Equality Officer is responsible for:

  • Promoting the ideals of equal opportunities and participation within both the Union and University
  • Providing a confidential listening and referral service to students
  • Organizing campaigns to highlight equality issues on campus
  • Represent students on University committees
  • Provides information on student and minority rights within the University and within society
  • Encourage participation in all Union events by non-traditional and minority students

The Equality Officer is elected at the part-time Officer elections in March. Past campaigns have included:
A disability awareness campaign on campus to highlight some of the difficulties faced by disabled students in everyday student life
Working with GIGsoc to further awareness and discussion of LGBT rights for student in particular
Working with the University to develop and equality policy for students
Working with USI Equality Officer on the national Equality campaign
Also see: Disability Support Service


Hey guys and gals,

The names Catherine but you can call me Cat I'm humbled to be your Equality Officer for 2015/2016. Last year as a class rep and a volunteer I was heavily involved in the SU, I knew within the first month that the Students' Union was for me, which yanno was pretty rare for a first year. My love for the SU began on a trip to Dublin, where I spent the majority of the day being teased for my laugh and being an utter culchie. Thanks lads! So please get involved in everything you can, you never know where it will lead you.

Much Grá,

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