Vice-President / Welfare Officer: Megan Reilly

Megan Reilly
Vice-President / Welfare Officer
Extension: 2747
Mobile: 086 3853659


The Vice-President / Welfare Officer is responsible for:

  • Co-ordination and delivery of Welfare Campaigns on relevant welfare issues e.g. SHAG
  • Providing a confidential listening and referral service
  • Representing students on University committees in relation to student welfare
  • Dealing with individual requests from students
  • Keeping the Executive and students informed of all welfare matters
  • Organise and Chair the Welfare forum
  • Providing welfare information through the publication of leaflets, posters and/or books
  • Reviewing and drafting welfare policy
  • Representing the Union in USI events and attending USI events, especially in regard to the Welfare Working Group and other welfare related areas
  • Providing information on student entitlements and rights

The position of Vice-President / Welfare Officer means being clued in to all student welfare issues, being a voice for students within the University and also being an important member of the Executive Committee. As Vice- President, this officer is very involved with the day-to-day running of the Union, and helps with all Union campaigns and events.

Issues Vice-President / Welfare Officers have worked on include:
Ensuring students are well informed about their accommodation rights
Promoting an awareness of sexual health through ongoing campaigns and targeted campaigns such as SHAG Week
Encouraging student well-being through the provision of information on the website and in the diary
Improving student safety by establishing the Campus Watch committee and continuing to liaise with campus security and community Garda
Working with Student Services to ensure adequate service for students in distress
Together with USI, working to improve funding for services in the University
Aiming to raise awareness of the many services available to students, e.g. the PleaseTalk campaign


Hey guys, my name is Megan Reilly and I'm your Welfare Officer for the 2017/18 academic year. I studied Commerce here in NUIG and I've been involved with the Students' Union since the start of my degree. I'm here to help with all aspects of college life that might not be related to academic stuff, like mental and sexual health, financial and accommodation issues, and to support and signpost you in the right direction. College can be amazing, but it can also be tough. The Students' Union is there to provide support and resources. You'll see me and the Welfare Crew running campaigns throughout the year, and you can always find me in the office or around campus for a chat.

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