Vice President/Education Officer: Rebecca Melvin

Rebecca Melvin
Vice-President / Education Officer
Extension: 3707
Mobile: 086 3853658


The Vice-President / Education Officer is responsible for:

  • Co-ordination of the Students' Union Council
  • Providing a confidential listening and referral service
  • Representing students on University committees which relate to Academic life
  • Dealing with individual requests from students
  • Keeping the Executive and students informed of all educational matters
  • Organise and chair the Education forum
  • Providing academic information through thepublication of leaflets and/or books
  • Representing the Union in USI events and attending

USI events, especially in regard to the Education Working Group and other Education related areas

  • Drafting education policy
  • Dealing with issues as the arise within the University e.g. re-structuring

The position of Vice-President / Education Officer means being up to date on academic policy, being a voice for
students on academic issues and also being an importance member of the Executive Committee. As Vice-President, this officer is very involved with the day-to-day running of the Union, and helps with all Union campaigns and events.
Issues that Catherine and previous Vice- President / Education Officers have worked on include:

  • Developing a support centre for Maths and English within the University.
  • Creating an informative grants booklet to make applying for the grant easier for students.
  • Lobbying the University for extended library opening hours.
  • Encouraging students to use the available mechanisms for reviewing their lecturers.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the Class Representatives Council
  • Working with the national union (USI) to improve the grants system
  • Increasing awareness of students' rights in University
  • Lobbying for clearer and more frequent communication from the University to students.


Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca Melvin and I am honoured to say I am the V.P for Education this upcoming year. My aim for the year is to help each and every student get the most out of their education and their college experience. College life here in NUI Galway can be incredible but it's not always plain sailing, e.g. failing exams. I know how hard it can be to keep your academic life on track when you are juggling study/work/personal life all at once but I will help you through it! I'm a friendly approachable girl so whenever you feel like you need to talk to someone about exams, timetable issues and grants etc PLEASE don't hesitate to call up to me in the Student Union.

You'll also see me bopping into your lectures from September onwards electing Class reps and promoting leadership workshops, public speaking workshops and so much more! Looking forward to getting to know you all this year! Here's to the best year yet!

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