SU Officers

The fifteen Students' Union Executive Officers are nominated and elected each year by you, our student members.While the President, along with the full time Union staff, is mainly responsible for the day-to-day running of the Union, the Students' Union Executive is the committee that runs the Union on an on-going basis. The fifteen Executive Officers are responsible for providing you with information and advce covering the whole spectrum of student life from academic issues to issues regarding welfare, finance, accommodation, equality, clubs, societies, the Irish language and much more.

Of the fifteen mambers of the Executive, three are paid (full-time) Officers,i.e. the President and two Vice-Presidents, while the other twelve Officers work on a part-time, unpaid basis and are full-time students. The Executive Committee meets on a weekly basis during term time and is answerable to the Students' Union Council and, therefore, to you the members of the Union. The three full-time Officers must present a written report of their work done each week at the Executive Committee meeting and all fifteen Officers present reports on their work done to date at the monthly Students' Union Council meetings.

If you have anything you wish to discuss with one or more of the officers, feel free to contact them.
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