Everyone uses drugs - whether its alcohol, nicotine, aspirin, antibiotics, caffeine, Ecstasy, heroin, amphetamine, LSD, or cannabis. We avail of whatever means to achieve pleasure, escape pain or alter our present state of mind, and this is part of our history and intellect. Attitudes to drugs vary greatly, in that the use and misuse of alcohol is often defended and even supported, while the use of illegal drugs is viewed as dangerous and unpredictable. The truth is that there is no such thing as a safe drug and all carry potential risk of physical or psychological harm as well as the risk of addiction/dependency.

Most drugs have positive and negative effects as well as potential risks. the risks increase dramatically if you mix your drugs. The positive effects usually include some type of buzz, euphoria or relaxation. The negative effects usually kick in on the come down. this tends to be greater than the initial lift. You also risk addiction, contaminated substances and of course getting caught. Hefty fines and/or imprisonment are the penalties.
Different drugs affect different peopl differently. if you decide to sue them,make sure you look into the potential consequences and minimise the risks. Misinformation and drug misuse can have fatal consequences.

It is impossible and indeed pointless to tell anyone what decisions to make in terms of drugs, but making an uninformed decision is unwise and often dangerous. This section will attempt to give you the basic information on the effects and dangers of certain popular drugs. It isn't meant to condone the use of any of them but if you're going to do it anyway, read over this and inform yourself properly first.



For more information, contact the Welfare Officer or check out http://www.wrdtf.ie/

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