Male Condom

How reliable is it?
With careful use, two women in 100 will get pregnant in a year. With less careful use, two to 15 women in 100 will get pregnant in a year.

How it works
Made of very thin rubber it is put over the erect penis and prevents sperm from entering the woman's vagina.

Available from family planning clinics and also sold widely.
May protect both partners from sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
May protect against cancer of the cervix.
Man can take responsibility for contraception.

Putting it on can interrupt sex.
May slip off or split if not used correctly.
Man needs to withdraw as soon as he has ejaculated and to be careful not to spill any semen.

Use a new condom each time.
Must be put on before the penis touches the woman's vagina.
Use a condom with a quality mark on the pack (see page 7) and check expiry date.
Oil based products, such as body oils, should not be used with male condoms as this can damage them.

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