Commercial Services

NUI Galway Students' Union operates a number of businesses on the University campus, including the College Bar, Shop and catering outlets. These commercial interests exist for two main reasons; the most important of which is to provide top quality servies for the students and staff of NUI Galway at a reasonable cost.

The other reason is to generate profits to fund other Union activities. The profits generated by these businesses are used to fund the Union's representational activities, and also to pay for services such as the Union's publications and entertainment activities. A large portion of these profits is allocated to the Student Projects Fund which is used to fund various student initiatives to help get them off the ground, including Sin, FlirtFM, sports equipment and various other capital programmes.

The Students' Union businesses are operated by a limited company (NUI Galway Students' Union Commercial Services Limited). This company is owned by the Students' Union. The President, immediate past President, some Union staff and external members act as directors of the company. The external directors bring business experience and expertise to the company ensuring that it is always delivering best value for students.

While the Board is responsible for the overall running of the businesses, it is answerable to the Executive Committee. Therefore, all decisions taken by the Board are always in the best interests of the Students' Union and it's members, and not solely driven by profit.

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