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Inorganic and General chemistry use of the fundamental issues of chemistry to understand the molecular structure and predict properties. The basis of understanding of inorganic chemistry is the applications of conclusion from quantum chemistry. The main emphasis will be on correlating structure with the properties of elements and compounds
Organic chemistry
The structure of organic compounds. Characteristics, properties, biological activity, synthetic methods and the interaction with the natural environment of some classes of compounds such as alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones , carboxylic acids, esters amines, polymers, aromatic an heteroaromatic systems, metalloorganics, halogeno-, thio- and phosphoroorganics. The most essential kinds of organic reactions including substitution, addition and elimination reactions. The essential features of stereochemistry. Chemistry of natural products and biomolecules: sugars, fats, aminoacids, proteins, vitamins, hormones and dyes. Fundamental features of infrared (IR) and UV-VIS spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), circular dichroism (CD) and the mass spectrometry

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