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Name: Ali Hammoud (
Phone: 0870000000
Rate: €20 per hour

Subjects Taught

Micro, Macro, intermediate micro, intermediate macro and all Finance courses

Additional Information

Hey there, my name is Ali and I am a current NUIG International Finance Postgraduate student. I completed the CFA level 2 certification and currently studying for my level 3 simultaneously with my postgraduate studies. i have experience in Accounting and Finance for more than 3 years, and tutoring experience for more than 5 years, i was a tutor back when i was in college. I am someone who is really ambitious and my goal in life is to help people as much as i can and my motto in life is more knowledge is always a must in life, this is why i am considering pursuing my Phd if i had the chance after i finish my masters. I was always told by my student that i am very straight to the point and i deliver the best quality of information and all what is needed. my goal in life is to become a university professor and a freelance financial consultant. Please feel free to contact me at anytime, i will be more than delighted to answer and help you. i will never leave until the point is well understood, and i believe there are many perspectives to deliver an information and each one of us captures the information in a different way using one of the perspectives, this is why my way of tutoring is very dynamic and varies from one student to another.
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