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Tutor Details

Name: Bharadwaj Sankar (
Phone: 0899586149
Rate: €10 per hour

Subjects Taught

Programming C, OOPs( certified in OOPs ) |
HTML, CSS, JAVA, javascript, Bootstrap |
Website development |
Wordpress development |
Web interface Designing |
Poster Designing |
User interface/ User experience designing |

Additional Information

| If you wish to contact me, just leave a message or call to my number, as my mail is temporarily not working |

A young skilled human with a design mind. Certified in Object Oriented Programming and Web Designing. I have quite a lot experience in design, be it web interfaces/Poster/Infographic/Marketing material or any other, I would be the right person you can rely upon. To add, I was a tutor back in my undergrad and also here in NUIG. I taught practical implementation of Project Management with various modern age tools. I love taking up challenges!

Design portfolio:
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