The Grinds Register :: Psychology

Tutor Details

Name: Aisling Kenny (
Phone: 0851518288
Rate: €15 per hour

Subjects Taught

I can help with all exam and assignment preparation for both first and second year Psychology students. I cover all first and second year subjects including the following:
Biological Psychology
Research Methods
Experimental Psychology
Learning Psychology
Perception, Attention and Perfomance Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Social Psychology
Personality Psychology
Applied Behavioural Analysis
Forensic and Clinical Psychology

Additional Information

I gained a 1:1 in all of the above subjects in both first and second year Psychology. I have just finished my final year in denominated Psychology and completed my final year project working in the eye tracking lab, so I have experience particularly in experimental psychology. I have previously given grinds in biological, learning and cognitive psychology as well as research methods.
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