The Grinds Register :: Physics

Name Subjects
Ratul Biswas PH338 Properties of Materials, PH422 Solid State Physics, PH425 Laser...
James Blackwell 1st-3rd Year Physics Modules. 1st year Maths/Business/Engineering modules
Jp Cooney Any first year Physics
Daniel Coyle PH101, Wiley PLUS Problem Solving, Mathematical Physics/ Applied...
Ciaran Guy Undergrad physics courses & 1st/2nd year maths
James McGrath 1st Year Physics; PH101, PH140 and PH150.
Ciarrai O'Toole 1st year Physics (PH101)3rd Physics of the Environment 1(PH328)3rd year...
Sampriti Pal Any year Physics.
Fran Synnott 1st Year Physics
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