The Grinds Register :: French

Name Subjects
Macha Ball Grammar, Spell-checks, assignment proofreading, general help.
Declan Cooney French History andFrench Literature.
Zoe Foures French native. Grammar, literature, essay proof-reading, conversation, etc
Ania Frick Fluent french and english speaker. French oral and written, literature,...
Ellen Claire Maloney French Language, Literature, Culture, Translation, Proof-Reading, Oral...
Michelle Moran french
Grace O'Fegan French Language, French Literature & Culture, Translation
Marta P French
Juliette Piat (Free Grinds) I am a French student and I would like to give free grinds. I can help...
Michele Renaut FRENCH - Oral or Written - conversation - whatever you need.
Samantha Rogers French Language and Grammar, Conversation Practice, Understanding key...
Eva Schembari French (Native speaker)
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