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    Public Health Education Videos: Evaluation of the Dramatisation of a Sexual Health Check-Up

    Demystifying going for a sexual health check up video created by the project team

    Instant access to video content on mobile devices and computers has become the norm, and health education by video messaging is an increasingly popular method of communication. This project created a short video showing a couple (a male and a female) discussing the merits of going for a sexual health check-up. The male character then goes for the check-up. This will enable NUI Galway students to see what happens at a sexual health check-up. The aim of the video is to take the ‘mystery’ out of going for a sexual health check-up. The usefulness of video in promoting sexual health awareness among NUI Galway students will then be evaluated via focus groups and a short survey measuring the impact the video would have on students’ propensity to have an STI check-up. The bulk of the research will take place around the time of the Students’ Union SHAG Week (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week), which begins on 11 February 2013.

    While this video specifically targets students, the video will be available to the wider community. The availability of the video online will ensure a longer shelf-life than non-video health promotion campaigns and allow the project team to track viewing statistics. This project allows for the evaluation of current sexual health awareness amongst NUI Galway students and it may prompt the Student Unions’, Student Health Unit or the University to create additional videos for other health-related awareness campaigns (e.g. mental health, equality, healthy living, alcohol awareness, road safety etc.). The evidence-based research generated from this project will be presented to national level policymakers.

    Project Updates

    November 2012

    To date, we have undertaken a number of activities:
    • 1 group meeting
    • 1 focus group meeting
    • 2 meetings with Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) Clinic
    • 1 meeting with Students’ Union
    • 3 drafts of a script
    • Actors recruited
    We are on track to film in January. However, the GUM Clinic are hoping to change the way that they conduct their check-up. This will affect the contents of the script.

    January 2013

    Considerable changes were made to the script and location to be used.
    Filming took place over 2 nights (2-3 hours work). Now, the scenes are being edited.
    The survey feedback is now underway.

    April 2013

    We achieved our aim of producing a video demystifying going for a sexual health check-up and questionnaire. We shall reflect on the feedback given by students and make amendments to make a final version that we hope will be promoted by the HSE and other Students' Unions.

    Watch the 'Demystifying going for a sexual health check up' video

    Project Participants

    Lead Student Partner
    Richéal Burns
    Student Partner
    Lead Staff Partner
    Cindy Dring
    Staff Partner
    Dr. Catherine Fleming
    Staff Partner
    Dr Fionnuala Lysaght
    Staff Partner
    Dami Adebari
    NUI Galway Students' Union
    Dr. Claire Coleman
    GUM Clinic, Galway University Hospital
    Cormac Staunton
    Staunton Media

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