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    The Cell Explorers Show

    This project developed a fun, hands-on cellular and molecular biology activity called the Cell Explorers Show for children aged six and up. The show was run on the final day of the Galway Science and Technology Festival and was a great success with 200 children and their parents taking part. The event was structured as an interactive workshop with five work stations. Participants discovered the structure of human cells, observed their own cells under microscopes, built a DNA double helix and extracted DNA from cells.

    The project built on the success of the initial EXPLORE-funded Cell Explorers project, which carried out molecular and cellular biology outreach activities with a local primary school in summer 2012. These primary school students took part in the Galway Science and Technology Festival as part of this initial project and went on to win the General Science Award for school exhibits.

    The Cell Explorers Show was designed and implemented by NUI Galway Biochemistry undergraduate and postgraduate students and is a sustainable activity that can be easily replicated. The project team is continuing its outreach work with local primary school students through school visits and the NUI Galway Youth Academy. The Cell EXPLORERS programme is also being funded by grants from the Biochemical Society and the Royal Dublin Society.

    Project Updates

    April 2013

    Cell Explorers has gone from strength to strength in the past 12 months - over 500 primary school children and their teachers and parents have participated in our biological and biomedical outreach programme, which is run by at team comprising of 20 NUI Galway undergraduates, postgraduates and lecturers/researchers. Get comprehensive information on what Cell Explorers has been up to over the past few months.

    July 2013

    Cell EXPLORERS is a science communication and outreach initiative that now depends on the NUI Galway School of Natural Sciences. We propose hands-on activities to promote biological and biomedical sciences to the general public. Since the initial project in February 2012, more than 40 volunteers have been involved in school visits, science workshops at public and corporate events, and in the NUI Galway science stream of the Youth Academy. So far, we have reached 800 children, teachers and parents. Thank you so much to all for your enthusiasm and your love for science!

    Cell EXPLORERS would also like to thank its funding supporters: EXPLORE Innovation, The Royal Dublin Society, and the Biochemistry society. Funding applications have been made to SFI DSE call and the Wellcome Trust - fingers crossed!

    The current team is made up of 26 undergraduates, 6 postgraduate students and 5 staff. The future activities of the group involve participation in the Reel Life Science video competition, the creation of a Cell EXPLORERS road show, and the development of 4th year Science research projects and novel workshops for coming science festivals, as well as the creation of an interactive website.

    Finally, we are looking for new volunteers, including group leaders and activities developers for our new projects starting in September 2013. If you want to be involved and be part of the exciting Cell EXPLORERS adventure, please get in touch at cellexplorers@nuigalway.ie.

    Project Participants

    Lead Staff Partner
    Fergal Gillespie
    Student Partner
    Shauna Flanagan
    Student Partner
    Anne Doyle
    Student Partner
    Sarah Connolly
    Student Partner
    Emma Connelly
    Student Partner
    Samantha Chui-Sang Lee
    Student Partner
    Kathleen Clancy
    Student Partner
    Colin Burke
    Student Partner
    Barry Brennan
    Student Partner
    Cian Walshe
    Student Partner
    Muriel Voisin
    Student Partner
    Veasna Sum Coffey
    Student Partner
    Enda McGrory
    Student Partner
    Osman Mahmud
    Student Partner
    Fintan Kearney
    Student Partner
    Inez Hargaden
    Student Partner
    Eleanor Glancy
    Student Partner
    Loretta Bresliin
    Student Partner

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