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    Paul Killoran (Starlight Solutions & Exordo) talks at Exponetial's inaugural event in Nov 2012

    Galway boasts an abundance of start-up companies, yet there are extremely limited opportunities for introducing young people to the possibilities of creating innovative products and services and starting a business. In response to this, Exponential was created as a social connector for students, creators, innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs in the Galway region. Meeting on the third Tuesday of every month, Exponential brings together Galway's start-up community at casual monthly meet ups to listen to great speakers and share ideas.

    Exponential provides a casual, no-pressure environment for students, young entrepreneurs and start-up founders to meet, share, be inspired and bring new ideas to fruition. For students, it provides an opportunity to bounce ideas off other students and seek advice from people who have already gone through the process of taking a product or a service from idea to reality. For established entrepreneurs, it’s a chance to join a collaborative community of like-minded people, get to know the next generation of Galway’s entreprenurs, and connect with the latest technology. Exponential is the first meet up of its kind in the West of Ireland and is already proving to be extremely popular with students and business owners alike.

    Project Updates

    January 2013

    We held our first Exponential event in November and it was a great success. We were delighted to see people from all walks of life in attendance including students, entrepreneurs, lecturers, business people and others! The two speakers we had on the night gave really insightful and interesting talks and have really set the standard high for future events.

    In the next few weeks we aim to re-launch our website with a new look and more interactivity, and hold another event.

    If anyone has suggestions for Exponential activities, events, topics or speakers we'd love to hear them. Likewise, if someone would like to get involved in helping to setup the events and contact potential speakers, we'd love to hear from them too! You can email info@exponential.ly.

    February 2013

    Since our last update the Exponential team have put together two more meetups and hosted 3 fantastic guest speakers.

    On January 15th we were delighted to have Robin Blandford of Decisions for Heroes [D4H] join us for a chat and a beer. Robin is an electrical engineering graduate from UCD and volunteer cliff-rescue climber for the Irish Coast Guard. He realised that not only would it be a good idea to create a web app to facilitate recording and accessing information on call-outs and incidents, but that there was also a business opportunity. So, he started Decisions [D4H], a multi-award winning web-based emergency response team management tool which helps saves lives.

    Robin travelled from Dublin to give us his talk on "Awesome Methodology". This is an approach to business creation that starts at the end first.

    On February 26th, Galway man Mark Campbell and Dublin based Gene Murphy shared some of their experiences and advice from their entrepreneurial careers to date. Gene is founder of Redeem & Get, a software company for for the management, redemption and analytic’s in the online daily deals market. Mark is founder and CEO of Pocket Anatomy which produce range of medical education software applications to assist in visualizing the complexities of the human body on iPhone and iPad.

    Our meetups continue to gain momentum with greater numbers of students, entrepreneurs, techies, business people and all people interested in innovation and creativity at each successive event.

    We are very excited about our March 19th meetup, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter to stay updated!


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    Galway, Ireland.

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