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    Video Lab - A New Tool to improve 1st Year Science Experience

    The first 'Introduction' video produced by the VideoLab team

    Frequently, 1st year students attend their lab sessions without any preparation – with the result that they struggle to successfully complete the practical and they can miss important concepts. This project provided Science, Medicine and Engineering students with three short videos to strengthen their understanding of molecular sciences, improve the first year experience and help students progress to 2nd year, and ultimately further the creation of a prosperous scientific community within NUI Galway. The videos tied together the theory and practical aspects of lab work in easy-to-follow demonstrations, conducted by Alison, a fellow 1st year student. In addition to helping students become comfortable with the practical before their lab session, the videos acted as a useful revision guide for both the practical and theory exams.

    Project Updates

    March 2012

    Since being awarded the grant we have hired two highly recommended film makers, Will Smith and James Ward, who have worked with the NUIG Science Department before on their video ‘Materials & Concepts.’ We have decided to make 3 films;
    • An introduction to science labs,
    • Volumetric analysis
    • Organic compound identification tests
    As of last week we have filmed the majority of the footage needed for the film entitled ‘volumetric analysis’ and in the coming week we will be editing, scripting the voice over and adding captions and illustrations.

    May 2012

    Since our last update, we have been in the lab recording footage for two more of our videos; ‘An Introduction to Chemistry’ and ‘Organic Compound Identification. We have been continuously reviewing our rough cuts of the videos and creating script to be recorded and included as voice overs. We had a break for the past month as Alison was sitting exams and we are resuming filming in the coming couple of weeks. We hope to add some teaser clips to the website shortly.

    June 2012

    We have now completed our first video – An Introduction to Chemistry Lab – and will be publishing it on the EXPLORE webpage in the next week. We are due to have our second video – Qualitative Analysis – completed by mid-July. After this we will be venturing back into the lab to record footage for our final two videos – Quantitative Analysis and Organic Chemistry – and we hope to have the project completed and published by the end of August

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