What happens if.....

....I'm not happy with my offical Exam Results?

Afeter receiving your official exam results for semester 1 & 2 in June, you have two options, you can either appeal an exam or have your exampaper rechecked.

Exam Appeals

You may appeal your exam result if you feel that that one or more of the following have contributed to an incorrect result:

  • If there is evidence of substantive irregularity in the conduct of the examination.
  • If the student claims on stated grounds that the marks awarded were incorrect or inappropriate.
  • If there are circumstances that the Examination Board was not aware of when its decision was taken.

The cost for this is €60 per module, which will be returned if you successfully have your results changed. Also to note, you might not hear back from teh appeals committee about your appeal until a few days before your exams. So we always tell students to carry on studying as normal. This is only because there are always so many appeals to get through.

Further Information

For further information or to obtain the appropriate forms, check out the Examinations Office website or contact your Dean, College Administrator or the Students' Union Vice-President/Education Officer

Exam Re-checks

If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you receive a result you don't think you deserve, you are entitled to appeal. The Examinations Office provides the mechanism to do this.

It's important to understand the difference between getting your exam result checked, and appealing exam results. Note that the recheck procedure simply checks marks were clcuolated correctly, scripts are not re-corrected. The cost of getting results checked is €25 per module. If you are successful in changing your result, this will be refunded.

The appeal and recheck application timeframes are strict and details are published on the Exams Office Website when results are released. These dates (like results release dates) vary each year, the best advice is to check the Exams Office website to ensure that you do not miss the deadline for applying for an appeal or recheck as late applications cannot be accepted.

Most Colleges don't officially release students' results until summer, but can post provisional results on notice boards. Please note that these results are only an indication and are not official, they may change.

Students may also view their examination scripts. Your College will arrange a date (Exam Consultation Date) within ten days of issue of examination results for you to do this. You are not obliged to view your script in advance of checking your results, but we strongly advise it.For more info on re-checks go to the Exams Office Website

The Education Officer is here to help with any query no matter how big or small.

...I'm unable to sit exams due to sickness, or a bereavement?

You should seek a deferral. This is granted by your College in situations of sickness, if there is a close bereavement to you, or circumstances which can stop you from sitting exams. You will need to provide evidence, e.g. doctor's cert. On your exam results it will say ‘deferred'. You will be required to sit this exam(s) in the autumn. There will be no charge for deferred exams and will not be capped.

For the academic year 2014/15 a new policy on deferrals has been introduced, under the terms of which being granted a deferral in one examination automatically triggers a deferral of all subsequent examinations in that Examination session.

Staff of the College Office on behalf of the Dean may grant exemptions from this policy, allowing the student to defer one or more exams without the requirement to defer all subsequent examinations in a single session. Supporting evidence will be required.

For full details visit here.

...I fail an exam or miss an exam?

If you fail or miss one or more exams, you will be required to repeat these in the autumn. There's a €295charge no matter how many exams, assignments, projects or pieces of coursework you are repeating.

...I fail the year?

If you fail the year and want to repeat it, you will only be able to do so as an "internal repeat student". Repeating internally means you may attend lectures and use University facilities; you are officially a student and are registered for the subjects you need to repeat. There are different fees depending on what course you do, to find out more contact the Fees Office. If you have to repeat a year, you do not qualify for the Higher Education Grant or other funding.

...I forget to register or pay my fees late?

You will have to pay a late payment penalty of €200. You will not be registered until you pay the fees and register, and hence you will not be allowed to use University facilities or sit examinations. You could be creating a lot of trouble for yourself regarding registering for subject, seminars, etc. for not paying your fees.

...I have repeated the year due to sickness?

If you repeat the year you must pay fees. But if you repeat a year due to sickness the Government usually pays the fees on your behalf. You must contact the Fees office if this is the case. You may be required to have relevant documentation.

...I am having difficulty paying undergraduate or repeat fees?

The Student Loans and Fees Committee can waive some or all of your fees, decide to charge you in instalments, or give you more time to pay your fees. You must submit reasons to this committee explaining why you are having difficulties paying. They may ask for supporting documentation.
You can contact the Vice-President/Welfare Officer in the SU for further information.

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