Exam Tips

Prior to the exams

Where do I get my exam timetable?

There is a personal timetable available on the exams website prior to the exams at www.nuigalway.ie/exams You must activate your Campus Account to access your timetable and results. Go to Campus Account Self Service (CASS) at https://cass.nuigalway.ie/

Can my exam timetable change once it is released?
Yes, the venue, time and/or location of any exam could change once your personal timetable is released. It is therefore important to check the amendments page regularly before your exam. If there is a change, it will not appear on your personal timetable. It will only appear on the amendments page.

What happens if one of my exams is not listed on my personal timetable?
Contact the Student Information Desk immediately as they will investigate the issue for you. The Student Information Desk is located on the Ground Floor of Áras Uí Chathail. Ph. 091 495999

Temporary Special Needs

What is Alternative exam venue ?
"Alternative Exam Venue" is a facility for students who are ill or have a disability.

How do I get to take my exams in the Alternative Exam Venue?

You need to fill out a form at the Student Information Desk and obtain a medical certificate from your doctor and present it to the Student Information Desk in order to get into Alternative Exam Venue .

Will I be awarded extra marks if I am in Alternative Exam Venue?

No. You will not be given any extra marks or time if you are in Alternative Exam Venue.

What happens I am sick the morning of the exam but still wish to sit the exam?
Inform the Student Information Desk first thing that morning. You will then need to get a cert from your doctor to say that you are fit for the exam but should be in Temporary Special Needs and present it to the Student Information Desk. You will then be permitted to sit your exam in Temporary Special Needs.

What happens if I am sick during my exam?
You must inform an invigilator who will take you out of the exam hall. It will then be written on your exam script that you left due to sickness. You will need to obtain a sick cert to ensure that you can resit your exam.

What happens if I'm sick and I miss an exam?
If you miss an exam due to illness, you must get a medical cert. You must then contact the relevant College office to arrange for a deferral.

Day of the exam

What do I need to bring to my exam?
You need to bring your current student I.D. Failure to do so will result in a €25 fine. You will not be given your exam results until such fine is paid. You should also bring a pen and a working (non-smart) watch. If you have forgotten your student card on the day we would recommend that you get a new one printed in SID for €20.

What can I not bring into the exam?
You cannot bring in a mobile phone, notes or a pencil case. There is a fine of €20 for possession of a mobile phone. Bringing in a plastic bag with pens in it will be confiscated also. While calculators are permitted, calculators which have access to the internet and that can be programmed will be confiscated.

Dictionaries are NOT Permitted in the Exams - EXCEPTION: Erasmus (Course Instance 1EM1 only) and Occasional (Course Instance 1OA1, 1OC1, 1OE1, 1OL1, 1OM1, 1ON1 and 1OS1 only) students are allowed to use a language dictionary, from mother tongue to English, as appropriate, and vice-versa. Not allowed for Modern Language exams - French, Spanish, Italian, German. All other students, whose mother tongue is not English, are expected to have the required language competence to undertake their course of studies and they are not permitted the use of dictionaries. NOTE: Electronic dictionaries are not permitted under any circumstances.

When should I arrive to my exam?

You should be at the exam twenty minutes before your exam. Once there check where you are seated.

If my lecturer is present during the exam, can I ask them a question?

Yes you can ask them questions, but they may decide not to answer particular questions!

After the exam

What should I do if I think my exam results are wrong?
You should make an appointment to see your lecturer and view your exam script, or availa of the Student Consultation Day. You have the option of a recheck or an appeal.

What is a recheck?
A recheck is the procedure where the script is reviewed to ensure that all marks have been counted. The recheck procedure simply checks marks were totalled correctly, scripts are not re-corrected. This procedure costs €25 per module which is returned should the result improve. The recheck form is available on www.nuigalway.ie/exams and must be submitted to the exams office along with the fee, by the deadlines indicated on the Exams Office website. Late applications will not be accepted.

What is an appeal?
An appeal is a procedure which is awarded under the following conditions:
a. If there is evidence of substantive irregularity in the conduct of the examination. b. If the student claims on stated grounds that the marks awarded were incorrect or inappropriate. c. If there are circumstances that the Examination Board was not aware of when its decision was taken.

An appeal costs €60 per module which will be returned should the result improve. This fee can be paid by Bank Draft or Postal Order, made payable to NUI Galway. Cheques or cash are not accepted.
The appeal form is available on www.nuigalway.ie/exams and must be submitted to the exams office along with the fee, by the deadlines indicated on the Exams Office website. Late applications will not be accepted.

Note: Appeal/Recheck applications must be submitted by the deadlines indicated on the Exams Office website.

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