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Name: Brianna Cocuzzo (
Phone: 0834110080
Rate: €15 per hour

Subjects Taught

Psychology, Biology, Spanish (language), English Language (from USA), Study Skills

Additional Information

I am an experienced certified tutor with extensive experience tutoring
primary school, secondary school, and college students in the United States. I am a post-graduate student in the Neuroanatomy program here at NUIG. My undergrad degree was completed in the United States (Connecticut) and I have a Bachelors in both Biology & Psychology. I additionally completed 5 semester long modules in advanced Spanish (Literature, Linguistics etc). I am a native speaker of English (USA) and I am happy to assist Erasmus students, primarily Irish speaking students, or anyone who needs some help learning English! I also can teach study skills to any students struggling in that area.
I have a flexible schedule and I am willing to see a student just for a few hours before a big test or to set up and arrangement for a student who requires multiple hours every week. If a student requires a good number of hours, I can discuss discounted pricing with them. I am also willing to negotiate a discounted rate (per student) for group tutoring session if a student would like to bring a friend in the same course!
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