The Grinds Register :: Chemistry

Name Subjects
Jp Cooney Tutor for 1st years in both chemistry and physics
Daniel Coyle 1st year course,Ch101, Ch120 and Ch130,Atomic Chemistry,Physical...
Omolola Gbadebo Organic Chemistry (1st and 2nd year)Inorganic Chemistry (1st year)
Deirdre Healy All aspects of 1st and 2nd year chemistry.
Lee-Ann Keane Organic Chemistry (1st and 2nd year)
Niranjan Kotla All aspects of 1st and 2nd year Organic, Inorganic chemistry. All areas...
Nipun Mahajan Physical and Organic Chemistry, NMR, Stereochemistry and GAMSAT...
Vicky Weathers Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, stoichiometry
Meghan Winterlich 1st year chemistry 2nd year Inorganic2nd year Analytical/ Environmental
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