Title & Author(s) Availability
Being And Time
Martin Heidegger; translatedJohn Macquarrie and Edward Robinson
In Stock
Causing Death And Saving Lives
Jonathan Glover
In Stock
Baruch de Spinoza; edited and translatedEdwin Curley; with an introductionStuart Hampshire
In Stock
Meditations On First Philosophy
Rene Decartes
In Stock
Politics Of Practical Reasoning
Ricca Edmondson
In Stock
Practical Ethics
Peter Singer,
In Stock
The Consolation Of Philosophy
Boethius; translated with an introductionVictor Watts
In Stock
The Nicomachean Ethics
Aristotle; translatedJ. A. K. Thomson; revised with notes and appendicesHugh Tredennick; introductio
In Stock
The Republic
Plato; translated [from the Greek] with an introductionDesmond Lee
In Stock
What Is Enlightenment?
editedJames Schmidt
In Stock
What Is This Thing Called Knowledge?
Duncan Pritchard,
In Stock


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