Recently Added

Biology 8th Edition by Neil A. Campbell €30.00
Accounting An Introduction 6th Ed by McLaney Atrill €20.00
Management Information Systems, Moving Business Forward by R. Kelly Rainer, Hugh J. Watson, €10.00
Modern Management by Tiernan, Morley and Foley €15.00
Management Information Systems by R. Kelly Rainer, Hugh J. Watson, Brad Prince, €25.00
Modern Management 4th Ed by Tiernan, Morley €15.00
Management And Cost Accounting 7th Edition 2008 by Colin Drury, €20.00
Principles Of Marketing 14th Edition by Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong €6.00
Principles Of Pharmacology by David Golan, €25.00
Coaching & Mentoring At Work by Connor, Pokora €12.00

Most Popular Books

Essentials Of Irish Business Law (5th Ed.) by Aine Keenan €6.00
Duanaire An Cheid by Gearoid Denvir €4.00
Gearrscealta Ar Linne by Brian O Conchubhair (Editor) €4.00
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